Trailer Features

Designed and built by antique/classic boat owners with operational functions to overcome launching problems. Superior support for wide varieties of hull styles and an easy one-person operation.

Features include:

Total enclosure
Front, rear, top and underside
8'6" inside width

Gooseneck or Ball Hitch Styles available
With the same operational features

Each trailer adaptable to accommodate range of boats
All trailers have unique adjustable bunks and sliding bow-post
Example: 40' - 45' trailers accommodate 26' to 34' boats
Other sized trailers similarly adjust to multi-size boats

Gross Vehicle Weight (including boat) Ratings:
40' to 45' Trailer — 9,900# to 16,000#
34' to 38' Trailer — 9,900# to 16,000#
28' to 32' Trailer — 8,000# to 12,000#

Equipment Package available to classify as an RV Type Trailer

Wireless Controls
Raises front of trailer an additional 19" to clear boat ramp severe angles
Lowers rear of trailer in-water15" for launching and retrieval

Built-In Skid Ramps for trailer haul-out
In event that the end of launch ramp has a severe drop off